Pours his Concrete Promptly

Pours his Concrete Promptly
Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design
February 23, 2017

“Darrell Blake has been doing business with Builders Supply Company for at least ten (10) years. We have shared in nothing but good relationships with Mr. Blake and his company. He is, in our estimation, one of the better contractors in the Tri-county. Darrell is always very prompt with the way he pours his concrete and I’ve never known him not to be on the job when Builders Supply Company was pouring any major concrete.

Darrell Blake monitors all of his work and believes in doing his work in a most professional like manner. We deal with a lot of contractors in the Tri-county area in supplying ready-mix concrete and concrete masonry units and I would have to classify Darrell Blake as being in the top five among the contractors we deal with on a daily basis.

The way we personally qualify these contractors is as follows: (1) Loyalty, (2) Professionalism, (3) Quality, (4) Fairness, (5) Dependability, (6) Pays his bills to Builders Supply promptly, (7) Always truthful and courteous. Darrell meets all of the above.

In summarizing this information provided, I hope that Builders Supply Company has the opportunity to enjoy another ten years of business relationship with Darrell Blake and his company, Blake & Blake Blueprint, because there is a great need for more contractors with professionalism such as Darrell Blake and his company.

Builders Supply Company has been involved with Darrell Blake… on (1) Municipal jobs, (2) Y.M.C.A. jobs, (3) Retirement Home jobs, (4) Bank jobs, (5) Community Center jobs, (6) Home Building jobs.” [019]