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Montgomery, AL

House Plans. Floor Plans. Interior Design.

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design are Building Designers and Home Planners in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our design services are available throughout the Montgomery, Alabama Metro area, including:

  • Montgomery, AL
  • Pike Road, AL
  • Prattville, AL
  • Millbrook, AL
  • Wetumpka, AL
  • Lake Martin, AL

We are skilled and experienced designers, communicators, and drafting technicians.

Before starting your construction project, Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design will develop a well-thought-out plan of action.

Building Design Company in Montgomery, AL - designer using a scale to measure distance on construction plans

From Abstract to Concrete

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design will transform your abstract ideas into a clear, precise, and actionable project.

The Planning and Design process includes many steps, which include:

  • Listening to, and learning about, your desired goals and objectives
  • Inspecting your worksite
  • Analyzing your specific job requirements
  • Suggesting options or alternatives when feasible

These initial steps, combined with our 30+ years of experience and accumulated knowledge as General Contractors, enable Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design to produce clear, correct, complete, and concise construction documents, including drawings, specifications, and other contract documents.

Residential Design Services in Montgomery, AL - scale model of home resting on construction drawing

Residential Design

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design offers Residential Design Services in the Montgomery, AL River Region.

Residential Design includes the interior and exterior of your private residence, as well as the planning and layout of outdoor structures.

For residential dwellings, we provide:

  • Home design
  • House plans
  • Custom floor plans and layouts
  • Small house plans
  • Interior design
  • and more

For outdoor structures and amenities, we provide:

  • Deck design and layout
  • Privacy fence design
  • Porch layout and design
  • and more

Commercial Building Design in Montgomery, AL - set of builder's tools resting on commercial construction plans

Commercial Design

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design offers Commercial Design in Montgomery, Alabama.

Commercial Design typically refers to commercial buildings, or buildings used for commercial purposes. Examples include office buildings and retail stores.

Commercial Design can also include institutional buildings like schools, churches, healthcare centers, and other public facilities.

Our Commercial Design Services include:

  • Office building design
  • Church building design
  • Healthcare facility design
  • Institutional design
  • and more

House Plans in Montgomery, AL - set of construction blueprints

Blueprint for Success

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design understands the importance of properly-prepared contract documentation and the role it plays towards the success of your project.

It’s even reflected in our business name…

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design defines “Blueprint” as follows:

“a process of photographic printing… which produces a white line on a blue background.”

“a detailed outline or plan of action: a blueprint for success.”

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design

According to Your Dictionary, “Design” means:

“to plan and carry out… in a skillful way”

Do you need the services of a General Contractor with building design skills in Montgomery, Alabama? Our hard hat is also our thinking cap.

Contact Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design for a brainstorming session!


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Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Finished 1 Month Ahead of Schedule

“Our firm contracted with Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design, Inc. to build two staff houses for The State Prison System of Alabama…

Mr. Blake finished the work almost a month before the completion date. We were very pleased with Mr. Blake’s work, just as we have been on past projects that he has completed for us.” [050]

Warner Asphalt, Concrete, & Utilities Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design March 11, 2017

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Service Types:
Building Design
Residential Design
Commercial Design
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