Commercial & Residential Construction

Montgomery, AL

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design (BBBD) are Builders. Designers. and Licensed General Contractors headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama.

Building & Construction Services

We offer comprehensive Construction Services for the Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Municipal sectors as well as other organizations located in the Montgomery Metro Area.

Construction Planning & Design in Montgomery, AL - construction plans and drawing tools

Construction Planning & Design

Preparation. Precision.

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Home Construction in Montgomery, AL - new home under construction

Home Construction

Custom Designed & Built.

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Construction Remodeling in Montgomery, AL - backdoor patio under construction

Home Improvement

Remodeling, Alteration & Renovation.

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Real Estate Construction in Montgomery, AL - aerial view of newly constructed real estate

Real Estate Construction

Land Subdivision. Site Preparation.

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Construction Demolition in Montgomery, AL - construction debris and rubble

Construction Demolition

Debris Removal. Storm Damage Recovery.

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Commercial Construction in Montgomery, AL - reconstruction of commercial office building

Commercial Construction

Design. Build.

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Construction Management in Montgomery, AL - construction contractor reviewing plans

Construction Management

Oversight. Management. Delivery.

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Construction Inspection in Montgomery, AL - home inspector reviewing construction details

Building & Home Inspection

Condition. Compliance. Workmanship.

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Construction Consulting in Montgomery, AL - construction team collaborating

Construction Consulting

Over 30 Years Experience.

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Customers and industry peers are talking about Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design.¹

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Ahead Of Schedule

“A recommendation for Darrell Blake and his construction company, Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design, based on our involvement as Architect of the project… Even with the added change order and a vast amount of rain Mr. Blake… [kept] ahead of schedule. We are very pleased with the attention and workmanship Mr. Blake has shown … Continue Reading

R. M. Architect Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design February 5, 2017

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Fulfilled His Commitments

“I have been acquainted with… [Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design] for approximately fourteen (14) years… Mr. Blake has always fulfilled his commitments…, and we consider him a valued account.” [001]

W. R. President & CEO Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design February 4, 2017

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Very Pleased With the Progress

“MTG Partners entered into a construction contract with Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design, Inc. for the purpose of constructing our law firm’s new office building… My partners and I have been very pleased with the timely manner in which the construction project… proceeded. The project… [kept] ahead of schedule and the quality of work … Continue Reading

MTG Partners Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design February 21, 2017

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¹Real words from real people. Original testimonial documents available for review upon request.