Commercial & Residential Construction

Montgomery, AL

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design

Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design (BBBD) are Builders. Designers. and Licensed General Contractors headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama.

Building & Construction Services

We offer comprehensive Construction Services for the Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Municipal sectors as well as other organizations located in the Montgomery Metro Area.

Construction Planning & Design in Montgomery, AL - construction plans and drawing tools

Construction Planning & Design

Preparation. Precision.

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Home Construction in Montgomery, AL - new home under construction

Home Construction

Custom Designed & Built.

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Construction Remodeling in Montgomery, AL - backdoor patio under construction

Home Improvement

Remodeling, Alteration & Renovation.

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Real Estate Construction in Montgomery, AL - aerial view of newly constructed real estate

Real Estate Construction

Land Subdivision. Site Preparation.

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Construction Demolition in Montgomery, AL - construction debris and rubble

Construction Demolition

Debris Removal. Storm Damage Recovery.

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Commercial Construction in Montgomery, AL - reconstruction of commercial office building

Commercial Construction

Design. Build.

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Construction Management in Montgomery, AL - construction contractor reviewing plans

Construction Management

Oversight. Management. Delivery.

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Construction Inspection in Montgomery, AL - home inspector reviewing construction details

Building & Home Inspection

Condition. Compliance. Workmanship.

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Construction Consulting in Montgomery, AL - construction team collaborating

Construction Consulting

Over 30 Years Experience.

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Customers and industry peers are talking about Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design.¹

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Paid Us Promptly

“Our company has been providing materials and services to Mr. Blake for the past 14 years… In the time we have been servicing this account, Mr. Blake has always paid us promptly and taken advantage of the payment discount we offer. Mr. Blake is an excellent customer and we look forward to continuing our relationship. … Continue Reading

Jenkins Brick Company Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design February 24, 2017

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Exceptional Performance & Timely Completion

“This letter of appreciation is extended to Blake & Blake Construction Company [Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design] in recognition of their exceptional performance and timely completion of the New Sanctuary, Secretary Office and Kitchen at the Morning Pilgrim Baptist Church. The project was completed ahead of schedule, within our budget, and with a high … Continue Reading

Morning Pilgrim Baptist Church Planning and Development Board Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design February 21, 2017

Building & Construction in Montgomery, AL

Good Construction Practices

“Mr. Blake has… always conducted his business in a professional manner… I have visited several of Mr. Blake’s construction sites and have found he uses good construction practices. Mr. Blake is a valued customer and I look forward to working with him on many jobs in the future.”

Bama Truss & Components Blake & Blake Blueprint & Design March 6, 2017

More Testimonials

¹Real words from real people. Original testimonial documents available for review upon request.